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What Is The Correct Tire Pressure For My Car?

Correct tire pressures are a critical aspect for safety and tire wear. Too much pressure and you risk a dangerous blowout and incorrect tire wear and too little tire pressure actually causes the same issues, risk of tire failure and even worse tire wear.

You may recall a number of years ago the rollover accidents on certain Ford SUV’s that caught a lot of media attention. Research showed that most were caused by tread separation due to low tire pressures. That is one of the reasons vehicles are now equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems known by their acronym, TPMS.

Here in Yuma in the desert southwest, low tire pressures at highway speed are dangerous for the tread separation issues that can cause blowouts and sudden loss of vehicle control. It’s a pretty bad reason to die or be badly injured just because no one thought to check tire pressures before traveling.

With that said, many wonder just where to locate the correct tire pressures. Some folks use the pressure located on the tire’s sidewall which is a terrible idea as that is the manufacturer’s maximum pressure which is almost certainly not the pressure the engineers designed for your vehicle.

There are two places to locate your vehicle’s correct tire pressures. The easiest is on the driver’s door. Open the driver’s door and look for the stickers where the door lock would engage with the door jamb. One of those stickers will have your vehicle’s correct tire pressures. Some models may have those stickers on the door jamb itself.

Also note, it is not uncommon for the correct pressures to be slightly different from front to rear so be sure to pay attention to both front and rear tire pressure recommendations.

At Accurate Automotive Attention here in Yuma we check tire pressures on virtually all vehicles that come in for service regardless of the service type. As always, we want your vehicle to be safe and reliable and tire pressure is definitely a safety and reliability issue.

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