The SRS warning light on your dash indicates a malfunction in the air bag safety system. This is a warning that should not be ignored. It typically means that in a collision, the air bag system will fail to deploy. Unlike most dash warning lights, this one can cost you your life and should not be ignored.

Obviously we recommend our company if you are in Yuma Arizona or anywhere else in Yuma County and the SRS light comes on. Your safety is paramount and our technicians have the technical expertise to correctly test and identify the reason the SRS light has come on.

The causes are numerous such as a defect in the seat belt, a damaged or defective impact sensor, poor electrical connection due to corrosion, a device in the steering wheel known as a “clockspring”, a defective pressure sensor in the seat, etc. As you can see, it requires a high level of expertise and diagnostic equipment to correctly identify the issue.

With that said, it is usually not an enormous cost to rectify so do not risk the safety of your life or the lives of your family and friends by ignoring this important safety system.

The air bag system is complex but its operation is fairly simple. In a collision, sensors detect the impact and in less than a blink of an eye, deploys a small explosive device that rapidly expands inside the air bags which ruptures from behind the steering wheel, the dash, and the sides of the vehicle in those who are equipped with “curtain” air bags. The air bags inflate and deflate rapidly but act just in time to prevent your head and body from impacting solid surfaces in the split second following a collision.

Here is a video of an air bag deployment with a crash dummy in the seat:

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