A common misconception among new vehicle owners is that they have to take their car or truck back to the dealer while it is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is completely false although the dealerships are happy to create that illusion and do nothing to dispel that mistaken belief. The truth is, any automotive company can do the maintenance and the vehicle warranty will stay in full effect. In fact, the vehicle owner can even do their own maintenance without adversely affecting the manufacturer’s warranty. The only stipulation is that the receipts are kept on file to prove the maintenance was done. Of course, we recommend Accurate Automotive Attention in Yuma to be your service center of choice! 😊

The key thing is having the maintenance done no matter who does it. This is especially true if you have purchased an aftermarket warranty (which we strongly recommend against! Search the blogs for why that is). Aftermarket warranty companies can and will use lack of maintenance at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals to deny warranty claims. The trick is, the likelihood of a warranty failure is quite low if the manufacturer’s recommended maintenances are done correctly and on time.

We often receive inquiries of “how much for a 30,000 mile or 60,000 mile service”. We do things differently than many other places, including the dealerships. We first perform the basic maintenance service by changing the oil and filter and doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s needs, including the manufacturer’s recommended services. Then an estimate is prepared and presented based on that particular vehicle’s needs.

The advantage to that is that you can then pick and choose which services they want to do whether all of them at once or to space them out over a period of time to fit your budget rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe the Accurate Automotive approach provides a higher level of comfort and service to our clients.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a convenient day and time to allow us to perform your scheduled maintenance services.

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