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Battery Replacement in Yuma AZ

Accurate Automotive Attention offers mobile battery replacement services for AAA members in Yuma! If your car is struggling to start, give AAA a call, and they’ll have you up and running in no time. It’s available daily from 7 am to 7 pm and is the only service of its kind in Yuma AZ!

For non-AAA members, we can arrange for a jump start or a tow to our facilities. Our ASE-certified technicians will check your battery to make sure it’s holding a proper charge and replace it if needed. Most batteries typically perform well for 3-5 years, but weather conditions or improper upkeep can shorten their lifespan.

Battery Replacement

To keep your battery performing its best and prevent unexpected breakdowns, we recommend the following battery maintenance:

  • Removing any corrosion around the terminals
  • Checking electrolyte levels if possible
  • Checking the alternator belt tension and inspecting it for signs of wear
  • Tightening up loose clamps and terminals
  • Checking for signs of acid leaks

If you’re a AAA member who needs car battery replacement in Yuma County, call AAA at 1-800-222-4357.

For non-AAA members, contact Accurate Automotive Attention  at (928) 783-8808 for our Central Yuma location or (928) 342-1912 for the Foothills.