Suspension systems are often a system that most vehicle owners do not think about until there is a problem such as excessive tire wear or steering that is unstable. Suspension systems are actually a complex system responsible for maintaining maximum tire contact with the roadway ensuring safe handling and separating the vehicle (you) from the bumps and dips in the roadway as much as possible. Accurate Automotive Attention can help you keep your suspension system in good working order and ensure your safety and comfort.

The most common suspension issue that drivers are aware of is a front end alignment. Proper wheel alignment is critical to ensuring proper steering, handling and proper tire wear. It is recommended that you have the front end aligned after purchasing new tires to ensure you get the maximum life out of your investment.

Other common suspension issues are shocks and struts which are responsible for proper tire contact with the roadway, passenger comfort and tire wear. Proper tire contact with the roadway is important for your safety. Let Accurate Automotive inspect your vehicle’s suspension system at the first sign of any problem and be sure to have us perform your next wheel alignment. Call or stop by today!

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