Shock and Strut Repair Service

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Shocks and Struts Replacement in Yuma AZ

Has your ride felt a little bumpier than usual? If so, it may be time to have your car checked out by the ASE-certified technicians at Accurate Automotive Attention in Yuma AZ! A bumpy, uncomfortable drive is often a sign that you need shocks and struts replacement.

Shocks and struts are two components of your suspension system that keep your vehicle balanced and driving smoothly by keeping all four wheels on the ground. Blown shocks and struts can cause unsafe handling – so it’s best to bring your car to us at the first sign of any issues.


Beyond a bumpy ride, here are a few common signs it might be time for shocks and struts replacement:

  •  The front of your vehicle nosedives, especially when coming to a stop
  • Your vehicle sways or leans when you’re turning corners or changing lanes
  • The steering response seems poor
  • Noise while steering
  • Your car feels generally unstable when traveling at high speeds
  • Excessive bouncing after hitting a dip or pothole

Bringing the Comfort Back to Your Car

Our technicians inspect your vehicle then let you know exactly what’s needed to have it handling right again. Our repairs are backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty so you can always drive away with confidence.When you need car maintenance service in Yuma, you’ve come to the right place! Accurate Automotive Attention has two convenient locations to serve you. Schedule your appointment request today at (928) 783-8808 for our Central Yuma location or (928) 342-1912 for the Foothills.