One of the most frequent searches we see are “Is the 90,000 mile (90K) maintenance service necessary?”. Like many things, the answer is “It depends”. It depends upon whether or not you like to gamble and whether or not you want to get the most out of your investment in your automobile.

For most vehicles, the 90,000 mile (90K) service is the most critical to perform and most critical to perform on time. This is the interval where many engines require timing belt replacement. There are many engines which will sustain severe and extremely expensive damage if the timing belt fails. This huge expense can be avoided my simply following the recommended maintenance guidelines. In addition, there are a number of critical fluids that are typically replaced at this interval. It is not so much that the oils “break down” as it is that the critical additives only last so long. It is the additives that keep dirt and wear particles suspended and moisture captured within the fluid that lose their viability over time. Very expensive repairs can be easily avoided by simply replacing the critical fluids as scheduled.

It should be noted that it is just as important to follow the correct 90,000 mile (90K) service schedule. There is the “Normal Service” schedule and the “Severe Service” schedule. Of course, most all of us would believe we fall into the “normal” category. However, if you live in the desert southwest, you fall into the “Severe Service” category based just upon our normal temperature averages.

We also see a large number asking “What is a 90,000 mile (90K) Service?” or “What services are needed for a 90,000 mile (90K)service?”. The answer once again is, “It depends”.

It depends on the make and model of your car, truck, or SUV. Even among the same manufacturer, the models have different 90,000 mile (90K) services. On top of that, even the models will have different requirements based upon the drive train. A perfect example is the difference between a 4-wheel drive truck and a 2-wheel drive truck of the same make and model. The service requirements will differ based on how the vehicle is equipped and on how it is operated. Remember, your owner’s manual has all the answers as to what services are recommended and when. Keep in mind, in Yuma your vehicle almost certainly falls under the manufacturer’s “severe service” category.

As you can see, the real answer is YES. The 90,000 mile (90K) service is vital to getting the most out of your automotive investment!

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