Land Rover Brake Service

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Land Rover brakes are a specialty of Accurate Automotive and you can be sure you will get a complete and careful inspection of your brakes.  Land Rovers are designed for rough driving, but this can effect your brake pads, rotors and other component’s lifespan.

Depending on how rough you are on them, Land Rover brakes can last a long time or a relatively short time. Highway driving means brakes last longer, while city driving tends to shorten the lifespan of Land Rover brakes because of more frequent use. As a result, your Land Rover brakes may need to replaced anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 miles.

Maintaining brakes and being mindful of your driving habits can extend the life of your Land Rover’s brakes. Bring your Land Rover in for all your Land Rover Brake Service needs to get a trained technician at any of our three locations.