Acura Brake Service

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When it comes to your Acura vehicle, brakes are simply one of the most important safety features. Brake service on your Acura will keep them performing as intended, assisting you in safe driving. No matter the type of brake system your Acura may have, Accurate Automotive specializes in inspecting and servicing your vehicle for brake maintenance.

Depending on the year and model, Acura brakes are rated to last approximately 40,000 miles. Rotors and brake pad life expectancies can vary widely, from 15,000 to 50,000 miles, with rotors being the longer lasting of the two–typically needing replacement after 2 to 5 brake pad replacements. Driving habits and conditions can have a major influence on how long they last, and Acura brakes can give warning sign of potential malfunction.

Only a thorough brake inspection at Accurate Automotive can tell you if you need to replace or service your brakes soon. We recommend that if your brakes squeal or make sounds that are not familiar to you, come in to have one of our Acura brake experts at Accurate Automotive do a brake inspection at any of our three Yuma locations. Be safe; bring in your Acura today for a free brake inspection.

Having been in business for 40 years, Accurate Automotive is a trusted and experienced auto service center located here in Yuma. Among many other services, we offer expert Acura Brake Service and Brake Maintenance. You can rely on Accurate Automotive to competently service your car.