Mercury Auto Repair Services

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Accurate Automotive Attention will repair your Mercury, whether it is in need of a tune up, a belt replacement, or other maintenance.  We will also diagnose any mysterious sounds that your Mercury might be making.  Our ASE-Certified Mercury technicians will find the issue, fix the problem, and get you back on the road.

Our Mercury-friendly facilities in Yuma are AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities, which means your Mercury will be repaired quickly and professionally.  We have state of the art equipment to make the repairs to your Mercury so that it will run at its optimum condition.

Get your oil change for your Mercury in Yuma at Accurate Automotive.

In addition, we can perform pre-trip inspections on your Mercury.  This entails the inspection of fluids, brakes, wipers, tire pressure, and other items to ensure that your Mercury vehicle will be road-ready for your trip.

Don’t pay dealer prices, bring your Mercury into Accurate Automotive today.

Note: The following were put in place upon web site design. We service all these models plus new ones produced since then. We service up to the most recent models produced!

Accurate Automotive works on these Mercury vehicles and more:

2002 Mercury Villager, 2001 Mercury Villager, 2000 Mercury Villager, 1999 Mercury Villager, 1998 Mercury Villager, 1997 Mercury Villager, 1996 Mercury Villager, 1995 Mercury Villager, 1994 Mercury Villager, 1993 Mercury Villager

2007 Mercury Montego, 2006 Mercury Montego, 2005 Mercury Montego

2009 Mercury Mariner, 2008 Mercury Mariner, 2007 Mercury Mariner, 2006 Mercury Mariner, 2005 Mercury Mariner

2007 Mercury Monterey, 2006 Mercury Monterey, 2005 Mercury Monterey, 2004 Mercury Monterey

2009 Mercury Sable, 2008 Mercury Sable, 2005 Mercury Sable, 2004 Mercury Sable, 2003 Mercury Sable, 2002 Mercury Sable, 2001 Mercury Sable, 2000 Mercury Sable, 1999 Mercury Sable, 1998 Mercury Sable, 1997 Mercury Sable, 1996 Mercury Sable, 1995 Mercury Sable, 1994 Mercury Sable, 1993 Mercury Sable, 1992 Mercury Sable, 1991 Mercury Sable, 1990 Mercury Sable, 1989 Mercury Sable

2004 Mercury Marauder, 2003 Mercury Marauder

2000 Mercury Mystique, 1999 Mercury Mystique, 1998 Mercury Mystique, 1997 Mercury Mystique, 1996 Mercury Mystique, 1995 Mercury Mystique

1994 Mercury Capri, 1993 Mercury Capri, 1992 Mercury Capri, 1991 Mercury Capri

1994 Mercury Topaz, 1993 Mercury Topaz, 1992 Mercury Topaz, 1991 Mercury Topaz, 1990 Mercury Topaz, 1989 Mercury Topaz

2002 Mercury Cougar, 2001 Mercury Cougar, 2000 Mercury Cougar, 1999 Mercury Cougar, 1997 Mercury Cougar, 1996 Mercury Cougar, 1995 Mercury Cougar, 1994 Mercury Cougar, 1993 Mercury Cougar, 1992 Mercury Cougar, 1991 Mercury Cougar, 1990 Mercury Cougar, 1989 Mercury Cougar

2009 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis, 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis, 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis

1999 Mercury Tracer, 1999 Mercury Tracer, 1997 Mercury Tracer, 1996 Mercury Tracer, 1995 Mercury Tracer, 1994 Mercury Tracer, 1993 Mercury Tracer, 1992 Mercury Tracer, 1991 Mercury Tracer, 1989 Mercury Tracer

2009 Mercury Milan, 2008 Mercury Milan, 2007 Mercury Milan, 2006 Mercury Milan