Lincoln Brake Service

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Brakes are an important safety feature on your Lincoln. Getting proper Lincoln Brake Service will maximize your brake’s rotors and pads as well as give you the ability to stop when you need to avoid objects on the road. Accurate Automotive can maintain your brakes for peak performance.

Accurate Automotive has experts that service brakes of every kind. At our facility, Lincoln brakes are systematically checked, diagnosed, and repaired if a problem is found. Servicing your car is a vital part of safety and avoiding expensive repairs in the future.

Your Lincoln brake system is a very complex system that includes many electronic and computerized parts as well as the standard hydraulic and anti-lock systems. Our technicians are trained to inspect each of these complex systems and will give a comprehensive report based on your concerns and our inspection.

Lincoln brakes have a life expectancy of anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the make, model, your driving habits and temperature. A technician inspecting your brakes can usually tell from the wear of the pads, rotors, and other parts what your driving habits may be doing to shorten the lifespan.