Your car is trying to tell you something when a dashboard light comes on. Don’t ignore these warnings, bring your vehicle into Accurate Automotive Attention for a professional diagnosis. It is very important to have your vehicle checked and serviced when your dashboard lights come on. If you do not get service, you may end up with a more expensive repair and possibly void your car warranty. Some lights have more importance such as red warning lights as compared to yellow warning lights.

At Accurate Automotive, we have the right equipment to connect to your vehicle’s computer so our technicians can run the right tests to find out why it turned that warning light on. Your dashboard is more than just gauges, it also functions as a vital information center so do not ignore it when it is trying to give you important information.

We also have the expert technicians to diagnosis why your dashboard light came on even when you do not have a failure. Sometimes it is as simple as a loose wire or loose gas cap. That’s not a reason it should be ignored however since it could also be a fairly simple part failure that, left unrepaired, can lead to serious and very expensive repairs if left unchecked.

Bring your car, truck or SUV in to Accurate Automotive as soon as that warning light comes on. We will get your vehicle fixed and get you back on the road in no time.

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