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COVID-19 Precautions In Auto Repair

You might wonder what precautions and procedures take place for auto repair companies like Accurate Automotive attention here in Yuma. It has been an interesting exercise in trying to think of the things that must be done to protect staff and clients alike.

There are the obvious things like sanitizing counters and frequently touched surfaces at interaction points with the client such as at the service counter and the credit card machine. What about the keys or key fob? What about the car itself, what then?

The keys are cleaned with a sanitizing wipe first. Then the touch points on the vehicle are sanitized with a wipe before the vehicle enters the shop. What are the touch points? That was an interesting exercise. What I did was to think carefully about every surface I touched when entering and exiting the vehicle. Many are obvious, the door release handles inside and out, the steering wheel, the turn signal lever, a/c and radio controls, etc. What was not so obvious were other things. Where do you pull on the door panel to close the door? What about when closing the door? Turns out that where we touch the door is typically the door pillar above the door handle. All of these surfaces are wiped down to sanitize them.

Another interesting one is the seat belt. We don’t just touch the latch and receiver, we also touch the belt itself so that needs to be sanitized as well. It was funny, I was on a video call with a colleague in another state and we were discussing the sanitizing processes in order to share information. The look on his face when I mentioned the seat belt was priceless! It had not occurred to him yet he was pretty proud of everything they were doing. He’s a sharp guy, it just goes to show how much thought has to go into the sanitation procedures.

We now keep the waiting room bathroom locked so that clients have to ask for the key. That way we know when the restroom is used by a client. Our waiting room is separated from the office so such use is not evident to staff. On and on it goes.

At Accurate Automotive’s main location in central Yuma, we also invested in a steam cleaning machine the we use to further sanitize vehicles since the high heat breaks down the virus quickly. It is not just our industry of course, all over Yuma companies are doing their best to keep their customers safe. There is an awful lot that goes on in the background that we do not see. Many efforts and much thought has gone into keeping us as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and as we make a return to some sort of normalcy.

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