You will find a huge variety of Chevy vehicles from Camaros, to Corvettes, to SUVs. Accurate Automotive is experienced with all types of Chevys, as well all their brake systems. And today’s Chevys are equipped with significantly different brakes than those that have been standard equipment on earlier models. Accurate Automotive is familiar with all makes, models, and years, making our company the place to go when you need service on your Chevy brakes.

The wear and tear on Chevy brakes varies widely because of all the different Chevrolets and driving habits that exist in today’s world.  A high-performance car such as the modern Corvette is driven differently and in different conditions than an SUV. These differences affect brake longevity and Accurate Automotive will consider that when inspecting your brakes.

Chevy brake life spans can differ by many thousands of miles. Anywhere from 30,000 to 150,000 miles have been typical on these vehicles. Accurate Automotive knows Chevy brakes, and knows the differences in quality and longevity. Factory-installed brakes on a Chevy can differ in many ways, depending on the car or truck and your use of the vehicle affects that in several different ways as well. Accurate Automotive will expertly service any type of Chevy brakes or other safety system.