Electrical issues are one of our specialties here at Accurate Automotive Attention. The electrical system in modern vehicles is complex and is full of electronic systems including computer processors. Diagnosing most electrical system issues takes a well trained and well equipped technician.

There are some models where even replacing a battery requires specialized electronic programming. Accurate Automotive Attention is well equipped with trained technicians to handle your vehicle’s electrical system needs. From bulb replacement to complex computer issues, we can meet your needs.

The most frustrating issues for the consumer is the intermittent electrical system issues such as the a/c will not come on once in a while, or the window doesn’t want to roll up or down sometimes, etc. We can help you with intermittent issues as well using various techniques which can include the vehicle owner in the process. No matter what the electrical system issue is with your vehicle, come in and see us today for the highest in professionalism and customer service.

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