It is always a good idea to check your car’s lighting system before taking a road trip to ensure your car is as safe as possible (among other things such as tire condition and pressures). Lights play a critical role in ensuring your safety such as turn indicators, brake lights, and of course, headlights. Have someone in the driver’s seat and walk around the car while they hit the brake pedal, activate the turn signals, and turn on the headlights on both high and low beam. This is also something that you should do on a monthly basis to ensure your safety and so that you avoid the inconvenience of speaking to law enforcement over a very preventable issue.

If you think this is probably unnecessary, I challenge you to pay attention for the next couple of days to the cars around you in traffic. You are certain to be surprised at the number of malfunctioning tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals. Headlights are a bit less common because the driver can often tell there is an issue but not so with all the other safety lighting on the car.

A couple of other safety issues with the lighting system are to be sure to turn the headlights on sooner rather than later when the sun is setting. While you might believe you can see okay, other drivers may not see you and put you in danger.

Another thing to remember is not to “over drive” your headlight beams. You should be able to safely stop within the distance you can see with the headlights on. If you can’t see very far, the chances are that the headlamps need to be properly adjusted or in some cases, replaced.

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