One of the saddest things we see are vehicles that should have been towed but the driver decided to make it “just a little farther.” We hear things like “It was only a half mile away” or “The exit was just right up there.” These scenarios can cause a three hundred dollar job to turn into a several thousand dollar repair bill.

So, how do you know when you should have your car towed? ANY overheating issue should be towed rather than driven. This is the number one increased damage scenario we see. Anything that has turned on a red warning light is a good candidate for a tow call. A yellow warning light indicates you should seek service as soon as practical but it usually will not require a tow.

Any time a brake pedal fades to the floor suddenly the vehicle should be towed. Any loss of oil pressure is the same, tow it, do not drive it.

If the transmission is slipping badly, a tow is usually in order. Any large fluid leaks should end up in a tow call to avoid damage to internally lubricated components or damage caused by slipping or overheating.

Probably the best rule of thumb is, when in doubt, tow it!

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