Whining usually occurs either from the children in the back seat or from the car’s power steering pump under the hood. You’ll want to check both of those possibilities. You may need a cookie for one and power steering fluid for the other.

The power steering fluid is a sealed system for the most part. The fluid does not go away without cause. If you need to add power steering fluid, you most likely have a leak somewhere in the system. Adding fluid will be a temporary measure. If you have a leak, the whine may stop for a while, but once the fluid leaks out again, the whining noise will resume. Take your car for servicing if you suspect a power steering fluid leak.

Other possible sources of a whining noise can be the a/c compressor. You can tell that from the power steering noise by simply turning off the a/c switch. If the whining noise goes away when the a/c is switched off and comes back when the a/c is switched on, it will be the a/c compressor causing the whining noise.

Another source can be the alternator or a bearing in one of the rotating components driven by the drive belt such as a belt tensioner. A whining nose should not be ignored as a complete part failure can lead to far higher repair costs than simply repairing the source of the whining noise before complete component failure.

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