You should be familiar enough with your gauges to know what “normal” is, so when the gauges are not within normal range, you will realize something is wrong.

When you are driving, and begin to feel something about the function of your car that you are unsure about, or hear a new noise, cautiously move into the right lane. You do not want your vehicle to be disabled in the left lane or in the median of a freeway. Always try to get to a safe location to manage a breakdown.

If your vehicle begins to overheat, the gauges will indicate it, so keep an eye on them. If your vehicle is overheating, turn the engine off as soon as possible. We have seen severe engine damage when people have said, “I just wanted to make it to the next exit”, or “It was only a mile more to my house”. Please do not make this serious mistake. An overheating engine needs to be shut down as soon as you can safely pull of the roadway.

The second thing you should do during a breakdown is to make a call. These days most people carry cell phones. I recommend you keep numbers for a towing company, motor club or repair shop in your phone for such an emergency. You can call us at 928-783-9309 for 24-hour towing service and we’ll get help to you right away.

Make sure you’re in a safe spot and keep passengers a safe distance from the highway while you wait for help to arrive. This will decrease your risk of an accident. Managing a breakdown, though sometimes nerve-racking and always inconvenient, is not that complicated. Try to remember the following:

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Think “safety.”
  3. Call for assistance.

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