Air bags are a very important safety feature. In a car equipped with air bags you will see an SRS light (or Air Bag light) on the dashboard. SRS is an acronym for Supplementary Restraint System—the key word being supplementary.

That means it supplements your safety system and that safety system is your seat belt. If you are not wearing your seat belt when you are in an accident that deploys the airbags, a greater amount of bodily injury will occur. For that reason, you should ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.

If the airbag light is on, there is a problem in the system and the airbags will not deploy if an accident occurs. As you can imagine, this can be very serious. If your SRS light comes on, get your vehicle to the shop quickly.

You will notice that the SRS warning light is yellow in color. Yellow warning lights typically indicate that you may continue driving your vehicle without causing immediate further damage to the vehicle. However, keep in mind that this important safety system will not be protecting you so this is definitely one you should not ignore for long.

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