We all know that seat belt use saves lives. So much so that states have seen fit to make it the law requiring use of seat belts. Yet so many people still refuse or just forget to use them. When I was younger (late 70’s) I rarely used them as well even after going to “Traffic Survival School” to get points for traffic violations removed from my record. There they showed the infamous movie “Red Asphalt”, a gruesome and bloody film about the aftermath of auto accidents and a couple of others. This really had an effect for only a couple of weeks then it was back to the old habit of forgetting to buckle up.

Somewhere along in the mid 80’s, I found myself once again in “Dum Dum” school due to some traffic violation. Gone were the old gruesome movies and in their place were films showing in car cameras and crashes staged with “crash dummies”. I recall wincing as I watched the in car cameras record the knees of the dummy smashing into the dash at low speed crashes of only 25 MPH. The ferocity of the impact with the dash and steering wheel at just 35 MPH was stunning. That did it. I walked out of that class and buckled up and rarely traveled again without my seat belt buckled. Only rarely is it forgotten today and even then it is only a very short distance before I remember and buckle up.

If you know someone who does not routinely buckle up, I have a gift for you to give them. Watch this video yourself and then get that person to view it. It is my guess they will buckle up and never forget again. It is not gruesome but it is very powerful. It comes from the Montana Department of Transportation. In that state in 2007, 73% of the drivers who died in auto crashes were not wearing a seat belt. This video will convince anyone of the importance of buckling up. If you have teenagers or friends who do, please encourage them to watch this video as well. It could be their life that is saved. Thank you in advance for passing it on.

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