The answer isn’t what you were probably expecting. It is “routine maintenance”! We all dread car repairs because it is expensive and always inconvenient. However, following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals will greatly reduce the odds of a breakdown. Better yet, the inconvenience is avoided because you can make appointments for your routine maintenance services on days and at times that are convenient for you.

Oil changes are becoming old school, the new terminology is “maintenance service”. Of course, the maintenance services will include an oil and filter change but with the complexity of modern vehicles, a more thorough inspection and reporting system is becoming more and more important. Our clients expect us to send them on their way with a safe and properly operating vehicle. That’s why the inspections are important during the maintenance service. The next time you are driving in traffic, take a look around you as you drive. You will see brake lights inoperative, tail lights inoperative, and sometimes even headlights. If those relatively simple and important safety features are not being maintained, how well do you imagine the rest of the vehicle has been maintained? Probably not very well.

When routine maintenance services are recommended to you, check your owner’s manual if you have any question as to whether the service being recommended is due according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. “Dealer” or “Company” recommendations can often vary widely between the manufacturer’s recommendations and theirs. We recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendations and do not endorse changing fluids well before the manufacturer recommends. As with anything, there will be exceptions. In that case, the Service Advisor should be able to clearly explain why the service is needed.

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