One of the things many people do all too often is allowing the fuel level to become too low. Many don’t realize that the fuel pumps are located inside the fuel tank. The fuel acts as a cooling agent for the fuel pump so running the fuel tank low on fuel causes the pump to run hotter than it has to.

Replacing a fuel pump is expensive so it makes sense to do what you can to protect them. Another issue with running the fuel level to empty is that the dirt on the bottom that accumulates over time can be stirred up and drawn into the fuel pump. Since the primary fuel filter is located after the fuel pump, there is little protection from drawing in fine dirt particles which can cause excessive wear.

It is very easy to avoid these fuel pump killers, always keep the fuel tank above one quarter (1/4) full. Simply make up your mind that ¼ means “empty” and make your way to a filling station before you hit the ¼ mark on the fuel gauge. This very simple change in habits is easy to do and will do one more thing for you, ensure you never run out of fuel.

If you are wondering how dirt gets into the fuel tank, just picture the fuel pump at the filling station. There’s the nozzle you are going to insert into the car’s fill port just sitting out in the open with no covering. It’s not much, but a little here and there and over time, dirt will accumulate that can damage the fuel pump. So, save money and save inconvenience by keeping the tank above ¼ full.

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