This could be your worst nightmare – breaking down on I-8 in the middle of the desert without any water in your car. How do you prevent your car from breaking down? The first way is to follow your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan. For all car manufacturers, the engineers that design the vehicle and parts for the vehicle will test the vehicle and determine on average how long parts and fluids last. They also look at the make up of the component and, based off the years of historical data for their brand, they develop a recommended maintenance schedule which must be followed to maintain your warranty and to give you the best value for your automotive investment.

Manufacturer maintenance schedules allow a professional technician at Accurate Automotive to look at your vehicle and identify its maintenance needs based on the mileage and other factors. We follow the manufacturer’s checklist for which parts and systems need inspection and servicing. Also, this is the time that certain fluids need replaced to prevent damage to crucial systems in your car such as transmission and brake fluids. Scheduled maintenance will have each system of your car inspected from your battery to your brakes. Come into Accurate Automotive the next time your “Check Engine Light” or “Maintenance Service” light comes on. We have three convenient locations to help prevent you from breaking down in the middle of the desert (or anywhere else) and that it always gets you to where you want to go.

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