We all know how important it is to keep up with our vehicle’s maintenance such as oil changes, making sure fluids are topped of and clean, replacing worn brake pads, fuel and air filters, etc. But what about washing the vehicle? How often should that be done and why? There is a lot of dust and blowing sand at times in Yuma, AZ and across Yuma County, should it be washed more or less often?

Like many things, the answer is, “it depends”. The most often recommended interval is twice a month in much of the U. S. However, if the vehicle is parked in a garage and not driven extensively, once a month might be fine.

Here in the desert southwest, it might be better for your vehicle’s finish to wash it more often, at least once every two weeks. The reason is that dirt particles can form a thin film of sandy/dusty grime over the paint’s clear coat which can eventually cause micro scratches in the clear coat. Over time the scratches will become larger and eventually expose the paint underneath to the elements which begins to decay the paint without the clear coat protection.

In addition, there is the ever present bird poop that contains high levels of uric acid which can also damage the clear coat. Even if you do not wash the vehicle right away, at least rinse bird poop off of the painted surfaces at the earlies opportunity. Simple little things like this can make a big dollar difference when it is time to sell or trade in your trusty ride for a newer one.

Car washes with spinning brushes can also damage a vehicle’s finish. That’s why we highly recommend Express Auto/RV Care Center’s hand wash and hand dry facility. They can do anything from small cars to motor homes, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, 5th wheels, trailers, and more. Call them at (928) 305-0767 for a fabulous wash at a great price!

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