Fuel Gauge

Most people know that “E” does not stand for “enough”—it stands for empty. And “F,” of course, stands for full.

In today’s cars, the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank. Having enough fuel in the tank helps keep that little electric motor—called your fuel pump—cool, and will typically make it last longer.

As a rule, you should keep at least a quarter tank of fuel in your car at all times. This will add life to the fuel pump because it is an electric motor which creates heat while running. Excessive heat shortens the life of the pump. That’s why keeping enough fuel in the tank helps it last longer, especially in the Yuma climate.

My advice is to refuel your car completely when your gauge indicates a quarter of a tank. If you always run in that quarter to empty range, you’re going to shorten the life of the pump and that is an expensive repair. Not only that, but when you need to get somewhere right away, you will want more than a quarter of a tank of gas.

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