There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace regarding cabin air filters. Many people have never heard of it, others are somewhat skeptical because it is a relatively new comer to the automobile. Most all of us are quite familiar with the air filters that need to be replaced in our home heating and cooling systems. A cabin air filter is exactly the same. It filters the air running through the vehicle’s a/c and heating system.

It is amazing what we find in cabin air filters that have been neglected. The filth and debris that builds up can be remarkable, not to mention rodent debris and excrement, insects, and other nasty filth that accumulates in the ventilation system over time. We keep a couple of nasty ones we’ve seen as examples of what can happen when this important filter is neglected.

For some models, the cabin air filter is simple to replace but for some models, it can be a forty minute job. Although that additional labor may seem a bit much to swallow, remember it’s your health that is improved by maintaining a clean cabin filter. You wouldn’t let your home filter be in such bad shape, there is certainly no reason to have a nasty filter in such a confined space as the interior of your vehicle.

With as much dust and blowing sand and dirt as we put up with in the beautiful desert southwest, we recommend a cabin air filter be replaced at least every thirty thousand miles. It’s a good rule of thumb and will keep the air quality of your vehicle’s interior at its optimum.

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