One of the most popular misconceptions in the automotive industry is the myth that you have to take your car back to the dealership for maintenance services to keep your warranty intact. Naturally, dealerships do nothing to dispel this myth, they may even perpetuate it so that they are able to keep the consumer coming back to them for maintenance services.

The truth is, as long as the maintenance services are done on time and records of the services are kept, your warranty will remain in full effect until it expires at the end of the warranty period no matter who you choose to perform the services. You can even perform them yourself as long as you keep the receipts for all the items you purchase to do the maintenance services and document the date and mileage they were performed. Virtually every aftermarket repair and maintenance facility will have electronic records so that even if you can’t find an invoice from their maintenance services performed for you, your service provider can quickly supply a copy to you.

Accurate Automotive Attention is an excellent choice as your dealership alternative in the Yuma area. We are Yuma’s only AAA Approved Repair Facility and provide a very high level of service and convenience in an effort to make your life as simple and pleasant as possible when dealing with automotive maintenance issues.

Save time by making a convenient appointment for your maintenance services in Yuma and take advantage of our free courtesy rides so you can spend your time productively at work or at home instead of waiting in line and sitting waiting for the services to be performed. Of course, if you choose to wait during your appointment, we offer a large, comfortable waiting room with television and free wi-fi while you wait.

The next time you need maintenance services in Yuma, give us a call and experience the difference for yourself!

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