One of the greatest things about car ownership is really getting to know your car. That means using your five senses—hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. You can use your senses to know what is normal for your car so you’ll recognize when something has changed.

When it comes to hearing noises that you know are not normal—not what you are used to hearing—one of the best things to do is “show the noise.”

When you take the car into a service facility, don’t try to explain the noise. Show them the noise. One of the greatest helps to any service facility is when the vehicle owner pays attention so they can duplicate the noise.

  • How fast was I going?
  • Was I turning?
  • Was I braking?
  • Was I accelerating?
  • What were the scenarios?
  • Was I going uphill or downhill?

Pay attention to the environment and the activity that is taking place when the noise occurs. Then you can take that information, go to the repair facility, get someone in the car with you and duplicate the sound. Highly trained automotive technicians can typically hear many noises that you may not hear. This small step will assist the technician in locating and correcting the same noise that concerned you. When you pay attention to how the car normally sounds, you’ll recognize when something changes.

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