The Arizona desert is heating up in Yuma County again. There are several reasons to maintain your car for the Yuma heat. Preventive vehicle maintenance is important for your safety, time, and pocketbook. The desert heat can cause rubber to crack, clamps to loosen, cooling systems to overheat, tires to fail and much more. Auto repairs at Accurate Automotive Attention will save time, money, breakdowns, and make sure you get where you are going safely.

The first reason is to ensure your safety and the safety of the vehicles around you. Tire blowouts are more likely driving in hot weather at high speeds. (

At Accurate Automotive in Yuma, Arizona; we check your tires for free any time your vehicle is in for service. We can check your alignment to ensure even wear on your tires, saving you money on replacement tires.

The second reason is to avoid expensive repairs from failed parts. The desert heat causes additional wear and tear on many of your vehicle’s components. This can lead to many various types of expensive failures that could easily be avoided with routine inspections. A blown hose can end up costing thousands of dollars due to the damage caused by overheating. This does not include towing fees and the loss of your vehicle while it is getting repaired.

The third reason is to extend the life of your vehicle. The average price of a new vehicle in the United States is $28,400, without licensing or tax. (Federal Trade Commission, When you add financing on top, your vehicle is well over $30,000. A well maintained vehicle that is driven longer is good for the environment and protects your transportation investment. A well maintained car will last years longer than one not maintained. Regular maintenance will also help protect the re-sale value of your car.

Yuma has great driving weather year round, but you need to take care of your car. We are here to help keep your car running for years to come and ensure you safely go wherever you are driving. Let Accurate Automotive Attention of Yuma, Arizona check your vehicle before you go on long trips and at regularly recommended intervals.

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