One of the worst things we hear from our clients is this statement: “I just bought this car and got a great deal. Please check it out and let me know if it needs anything.” ARGH! We just want to scream and ask, “Why didn’t you bring it to us first?!”

We have had to tell our clients the terrible news that they have just purchased another person’s problem. That’s heart wrenching because we feel for them and it is so hard to not lecture on the importance of having a used car checked by a professional before purchasing it. Being a border city, we see wrecked vehicles taken to Mexico and the body damage being repaired but the frame and suspension components are a mess. The “great deal” looks pretty but the vehicle is completely unsafe. Imagine telling someone you care about that they have purchased a vehicle that is unsafe and un-repairable. It kind of ruins the day!

Another frequent issue we see are major repairs that are needed so the previous owner dumps it on an unsuspecting buyer who is getting a “good deal”. Examples are a transmission that is going bad but the symptoms only show up after several miles of driving. Or, an engine that has a major issue that has been diagnosed prior to sale so the owner dumps the car onto an unsuspecting buyer.

Please save yourself this pain and only purchase a used car AFTER it has been thoroughly inspected by a trusted professional. We truly enjoy the days we save one of our clients from buying someone else’s headache. It’s a topic of conversation and smiles as we are gratified that we could help someone we care about.

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