Do you really know the answer to that question? When was the last time you checked all of the lights on your car or truck? Look around you as you drive. On almost any trip across town to run an errand, go to work, etc., look around you at traffic lights and you will more often than not see a vehicle with a brake light out. Driving at night? You will often see tail lights that are not working or that are not properly illuminated. License plate lights are also frequently not properly operating.

Then of course less often, but still you will see it, are the vehicles with a headlight not working or pointed at a crazy angle so that the road is not properly illuminated. All of these are a really poor reason to be pulled over by law enforcement, something that can ruin your day!

It only takes a minute to have someone check both front and rear of your car or truck as you operate the headlights both high and low beam, check the running lights front and rear, check the turn signal operation front and rear, and lastly checking the marker lights and the license plate lights. Also, don’t forget the third brake light on most vehicles, the eye level brake light which is mounted in the center of the vehicle at a higher placement than the standard brake lights.

Not only do you not want to be pulled over by law enforcement, these lights are there for your safety so please be sure you either check them yourself or ensure they were checked when you have your routine maintenance services performed.

At Accurate Automotive Attention, our technicians are instructed to check the lighting systems on every vehicle they touch. You can be sure you are receiving the finest service available when we service your car, truck or SUV!

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