Everywhere we drive we find roads that are in need of maintenance and repair. Often there are potholes to be contended with and it seems that most drivers do little to avoid them. Potholes should be avoided when safely possible.

It’s not a terrible thing if you can’t avoid them, and it certainly is not worth swerving into another lane to avoid them. However, where possible, they should be avoided as the damage stacks up over time. While immediate damage is rare, potholes place tremendous stresses on such suspension parts as ball joints, control arms and control arm bushings, and shocks and struts.

In addition, steering components are also impacted such as idler arms, tie rod ends, steering gear boxes and rack & pinion steering systems. While many of these terms may not be familiar to you, the term “hundreds of dollars” is and that is the price range most of these components require for replacement.

As if that’s not bad enough, wear on the suspension and steering components then leads to excessive tire wear on top of all of that. As you can see, the costs begin adding up over time running potentially into the thousands of dollars as repairs and tire replacements are addressed.

Bad roads are unavoidable but there are times such roads can be avoided by taking a different route when you know a particular road is full of potholes. Over time, avoiding up to 50% of them by carefully looking ahead and steering around them can add up to big savings over time.

So, in addition to letting your politicians know you expect good roads, you can also help yourself by taking a little bit of care while driving to save some money in your pocket.

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