Motor clubs provide good benefits for the consumer and offer peace of mind for the consumer who travels a lot or has a loved one living away from home. Undoubtedly, their primary focus is the customer. I am thinking of clubs like AAA Motor Club or Cross Country Motor Club, the two big wheels in the industry.

It’s easy to feel vulnerable when traveling through an unfamiliar part of the country. These clubs help locate a reliable repair facility, a towing company, a hotel, and other things of that nature. Therefore, you can have more confidence in the quality of service you will receive. For the member’s peace of mind, a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility is bound by contract to abide by AAA’s arbitration in the case of a dispute. The member is not, so if they disagree with the conclusion by the AAA arbiter, the member can still use small claims court to pursue a remedy. The AAA Approved Repair facility has no choice but to abide by the arbiter’s conclusions.

Even though we own our own tow trucks, all of the owners have membership in the AAA AZ Motor Club. We’re like anyone else, we can experience flat tires, lock our keys in the car, come out to a dead battery, and most importantly, we can receive great service when we are out of town.

I personally have had to use my AAA membership at least three times in the past several years while out of town and each time I was very grateful for the easy and trustworthy service I received. Failed batteries and a valet leaving the headlight switch in the “On” position can happen to anyone. Auto club memberships are a good value overall and we recommend them.

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