In Yuma, AZ there is no more important vehicle accessory than your car, truck or SUV’s air conditioning system. With summer temperatures exceeding 110 degrees on many summer days and an average high temperature of about 86 degrees annually, you want your air conditioning system to operate at its peak efficiency.

All three locations have ASE certified technicians that are air conditioning experts. Commonly referred to in its short form as a/c, our technicians will service your a/c unit and ensure the system will keep you as cool and comfortable as possible.

With modern air conditioning systems, it is more important than ever to be sure the refrigerant levels are correct. A little too much and compressor damage can result, and if it just a bit low, once again the a/c compressor can be damaged and in either case, the a/c system will not work well.

With modern electronic leak detectors and dyes, leaks in the air conditioning system can be located and repaired. This keeps the refrigerant in the system and out of the environment, and  keeps your dollars in your pocket.

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