Do you see fluids on the ground under your car? Is your car making strange noises? It could be a loose belt, bad bearing, leaking gasket or just a leaking hose. At Accurate Automotive Attention we will be more than happy to perform an underhood inspection to see what is happening.

Leaking hoses can leak critical vehicle fluids when you need them most. Brakes can feel “soft” because critical brake fluid is low due to leakage or wear. Or, your coolant can drop to dangerous levels with even very small leaks. Each can lead to your auto suffering permanent damage and expensive repairs if not checked.

Loose belts can cause your car not to work at its best. Your Air Conditioning needs power from your car which is transferred through a belt. Your timing belt is critical for your vehicle to keep your valves and pistons in sync. In many models, severe engine damage can result from a broken timing belt. Belts and hoses are crucial to the operation of your vehicle.

We offer an included courtesy Automotive Belts and Hose Check with virtually every service visit.  If your car needs services, we will let you know what needs to be done and will provide you with an estimate.  Our ASE certified technicians will be happy to repair your car, truck or SUV so that it will be in top condition again. We will fix it right, the first time, guaranteed.

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