Most of us know that cheap parts manufactured overseas have flooded our markets here in the U.S. We know that using these parts are not in our client’s best interest, or the company’s for that matter. The parts failure rates are high and quality is low. Some parts do not even make it out of the service bay before they fail to perform. There is no cost saving that offsets high failure rates and loss of confidence by our clients so we choose not to purchase and install parts of questionable origin or quality. There is another problem with parts in the service and repair industry however. That problem is counterfeit parts. Go here for a look at the issue first hand, the pictures and captions will astonish you. Click Here

So how do we prevent installing such counterfeit parts on our client’s vehicles? It’s not that hard actually, we purchase through only trusted suppliers. Large suppliers have too much to lose by buying parts from questionable sources so we trust them to buy only directly from the manufacturers of quality parts. We receive phone calls from time to time from folks who offer us amazing deals on “name brand” parts. Usually they are touted as having come from a “large distributor” who either bough too much product by mistake or has closed their doors. As you can see from the photos on the web link, it is difficult or even impossible to tell counterfeit parts from real ones. Because of that, we always refuse the offers and simply hang up. There are no cost savings that are worth compromising our standards or the safety of our clients. We appreciate that our clients place their trust in us and we will always strive to provide the highest in quality of both parts and service that we can.

There may be times that we are able to offer our clients two, or even three levels of parts quality, but even those are from trusted sources. Prime examples of such parts are new vs. remanufactured, brake pads, or shocks and struts. These parts are manufactured with differing quality and service levels but are always up to manufacturers specifications. Some will simply perform better than others but always without compromising safety. If you have any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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