Shocks & Struts Replacement Foothills AZ

When it’s time for shocks & struts replacement, visit Express Auto/RV Care Center in the Foothills AZ! Founded in 1998, we’re a Better Business Bureau Accredited auto repair shop staffed by ASE-certified technicians—so you can always trust your vehicle is in capable hands. Our skilled team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable with high-quality repairs and car maintenance service. We offer same-day service all makes and models, and we back our repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and our satisfaction guarantee.  

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How to Tell When Your Shock & Struts Need to Be Replaced

Shocks and struts are essential components in the suspension system that help maintain balance and ensure a smooth drive by keeping all four wheels in proper contact with the road. Damaged or worn suspension parts can significantly affect handling; even worse, they can create unsafe driving conditions. If you’ve noticed issues with your vehicle’s suspension, we recommend scheduling a shocks & struts replacement at our Foothills shop as soon as possible. 

Beyond the noticeable bumpiness, here are some common signs your suspension components need attention:

  • The front end of your vehicle nosedives, especially when coming to a stop
  • Your vehicle feels unstable at highway speeds
  • Noisy steering or poor steering response
  • Noticeable vibration in the steering wheel
  • The tires bounce excessively when traveling over bumps or potholes
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Fluid leaks on the exterior of your shocks or struts.
  • The vehicle bounces more than twice after hitting a dip in the road
  • Your car leans to the side when making turns or changing lanes

Restore the Comfort of Your Ride

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, schedule an appointment with us for a thorough suspension inspection. We’ll let you know what’s needed to restore the safety and stability of your vehicle and give you an estimate of the costs. In addition to suspension repair, we offer a full spectrum of services, including inspections, car maintenance services, and repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly. From routine oil changes and factory-recommended services to critical transmission repairs, you can trust us for all your auto care needs! Contact us today in the Foothills at (928) 305-0767 or request an appointment online.