Luckily, modern transmission systems are much more reliable than years ago. However, the need to keep the fluid and its additives in top condition is vitally important to keep the transmission reliable and operating at its peak efficiency. In addition, in years past there were only a very few transmission fluid types available. Now there are many different fluid types and vary by vehicle manufacturer, and even by model under the same manufacturer. The staff at Accurate Automotive Attention is well trained and will use only the correct fluid application for your vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, the fluid does not “wear out”, it’s the additives that keep corrosion at bay and the friction modifiers that are critical to proper transmission operation that break down and require replacement. That’s why the most common service now is the transmission “flush” in which the majority of fluid is replaced. In a traditional transmission “service”, the pan was dropped, the filter replaced, and only a few quarts of fluid were replaced. That type of service is somewhat obsolete with the most effective service being the fluid replacement or more commonly known as a transmission flush.

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