There are a number of inspections that Accurate Automotive Attention provides that provide great benefit to our customers. First is the pre-trip check where we can make a quick inspection of the vehicle and the fluid levels to ensure you have a safe and uneventful trip. There’s not much worse than a trip or vacation interrupted by an issue that might have been easily avoided by taking a few minutes to have the vehicle checked out first.


Second is a very important one and that is the pre-buy inspection. Please, never buy a used car without having Accurate Automotive do a pre-purchase inspection first! We have seen many instances where a “good buy” is instead a financial disaster and incredible headache. Don’t let that happen to you, have the professionals at Accurate Automotive check it before you buy it!

Another important inspection is our maintenance inspection. This incredible value includes an oil and filter change and a thorough inspection to ensure that if there are any maintenance needs, we will bring them to your attention. Maintenance is far less costly and infinitely more convenient than a preventable breakdown.

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