BMW Inspection Two

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BMW Inspection Two in Yuma AZ

Following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for maintenance services is an extremely important part of maintaining your warranty and automotive investment. The professionals at Accurate Automotive Attention will ensure that your investment in¬†quality transportation is properly maintained.

The BMW Inspection Two is a more comprehensive and thorough review of maintenance items and, depending upon the mileage interval, the Inspection Two will typically involve replacement of service items such as the fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter, fluids, and ignition components such as spark plugs. Not all of these items require servicing at the same time so the services recommended during an Inspection Two will vary from interval to interval.

The Inspection Two will include all the same service items as an Inspection One so the oil, oil filter and lubrication services will also be performed during this important factory recommended service.

Just ask one of our ASE certified Service Advisors for the recommended schedule for your BMW and they will be happy to assist you.