BMW Inspection One

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BMW Inspection One in Yuma AZ

Following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for maintenance services is an extremely important part of maintaining your warranty and automotive investment. The professionals at Accurate Automotive Attention will ensure that your investment in quality transportation is properly maintained.

The Inspection One is a basic service that is important to ensure continued trouble free operation and to catch any possible concerns before they become a major issue. Items such as brake lining thickness, inspections for fluid leaks, unusual noises, fluid deterioration, belts, hoses, and the lighting are all systems that are checked and confirmed to be in good service. These simple checks can save you substantial time and money by keeping your BMW’s maintenance to the level you expect.

All of those service checks and more are performed during the oil and filter change and lubrication services when your BMW is due for its Inspection One. Following this manufacturer recommended service will allow you to schedule lower cost routine maintenance rather than the high expense and inconvenience of sudden component failures due to lack of maintenance.

Just ask one of our ASE certified Service Advisors for the recommended schedule for your BMW and they will be happy to assist you.