If your car is having idling problems or stalling, it could be your fuel injectors are dirty and have deposit buildups. Accurate Automotive Attention has an award winning four step fuel injector cleaning service to ensure your entire fuel injector system is clean and deposit free. We use don’t just use one cleaner, we use four different cleaning products which are some of the most powerful fuel injector system cleaners on the market, not available to individual consumers.

Step 1: Hook up the vehicle fuel injector system to our fuel injector cleaning system to remove any deposits on the injectors.

Step 2: Disconnect

There is so much more to our fuel injection service than just adding a additive to the tank. 1. Our fuel injection service will include hooking into the fuel injector system and running a more powerful cleaner to remove any buildup in the injectors. 2. We will run a cleaner in the throttle body of the intake manifold to remove deposit buildup which affects idling quality and stalling conditions. 3. We will run another cleaner in the intake manifold to remove deposit buildup in intake runners and valve area of the head. 4. Then additive added to fuel tank to run as it will do a final cleaning of the fuel system for a total performance cleaning effect.

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