60K Mile Maintenance and Service

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60K Mile Auto Maintenance and Service in Yuma, AZ

Accurate Automotive Attention provides 60,000-mile (60K)maintenance and service in Yuma, Arizona. The 60K maintenance is both a preventive maintenance and check-up for your car. For some models this is the service interval recommended by the manufacturer to replace the timing belt. Our Service Advisors will have this information available when you come in. Some of the items checked include but are not limited to: inspecting fuel lines, fuel hoses, connections, vapor hose, fuel filler cap, accessory drive belts, manual transmission fluid or automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, brake hoses, brake lines, rear brake drums, parking brake, brake pads, calipers, rotors, exhaust pipe, exhaust muffler, suspension mounting bolts, steering gear box, suspension, linkage and boots, upper & lower ball joints, power steering pump, belts, hoses, driveshaft and boots, air conditioning, and so much more. We will replace necessary fluids, replace needed filters, and spark plugs if necessary.

The 60K automotive service is necessary to prevent premature failures to your vehicle and to keep your warranty in effect. The Yuma desert dust and sand can get into your fluids and grease causing above average wear and tear on your car. Do not put off the 60K factory recommended service. Bring your car into any of our three Yuma locations for a great deal and exceptional service.

Also known as 60,000 Scheduled Maintenance, 60,000 Normal Service, 60,000 Preventative Maintenance, 60,000 Factory Maintenance, 60,000 Preventive Maintenance, 60,000 Recommended Maintenance, 60,000 Regular Maintenance, 60,000 Severe Service, and 60,000 Tune Up, 60K Service.