Car Advice

Auto Maintenance Tips

Keep your car clean by washing it regularly as well as keeping the interior clean. Not only is a dirty car an eyesore but dirt can scratch the paint surface and bird dropping can actually eat into the car’s finish causing permanent damage. We all know there is a lot of dust in Yuma so it can accumulate quickly.

Keeping the interior relatively clean also makes for a more pleasant drive and keeps the resale value up. Your vehicle is probably the most expensive thing you own other than your home. It makes sense to protect that investment.

Maintain the air pressure in your tires. Underinflated tires are not only dangerous at highway speeds but causes excessive wear and lower fuel mileage. Most vehicles have the proper air pressure located on a sticker on either the driver’s door or the driver’s door jamb. Do not use the pressure shown on the tires, that is a maximum pressure and will almost surely be much higher than the pressures recommended by the manufacturer. Keep an eye on the tread wear, alignment issues can cause rapid wear on one side of the tire, either the inside or outside, leading to the need for premature replacement of expensive tires.

Check your lights and wiper blades from time to time. Pay attention the next couple of times you are out driving around Yuma (or wherever you live) and you will see brake lights and tail lights out probably every time you drive. The lighting systems are a safety system so keep yours in good working condition.

We all know it doesn’t rain often in Yuma but when it does, your windshield wipers are a critical safety component. Just take a look at them from time to time and replace them if the rubber is tearing or cracked. Your life could depend on them some day.

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